Don and Bea Foster


For as long as Don and Beatrice have lived on this farm, they have opened its doors to welcoming people. They started by welcoming single mothers with their young children, but it has most recently been a Bed & Breakfast.

With the current events going on in Ukraine, Don and Beatrice have decided to open up their home to anyone fleeing the country in search of a safe haven until they can make more permanent plans for their future. The bed and breakfast has 3 en suite rooms, large enough to welcome 2 or 3 small families. They are also turning some of the other rooms in the house into 2 more bedrooms, in order to welcome people more comfortably. There is a big shared kitchen and a spacious family room that is open to everyone.

Future independent units for families


For a while now, we have been saving up to build some units in one of our out buildings, in the hope to some day be able to host retreats for groups and individuals. But with the current situation, we have reoriented our goal to respond to an immediate demand: hosting Ukrainian families.

Our goal is to build 3 independent units in what used to be the farm's workshop, but which could offer 3 families the respite and comfort they need at this time.

We are currently:
99 445 dollars away!*
(includes repaying money borrowed from retirement fund)

*this figure is updated as we get new donations


There is no way we can accelerate the timing of the construction without some help.

We are looking for financial donations to cover the costs of construction, and for volunteer work teams who would be willing to assist with the work itself. We have also been accepting donations of various kinds to help welcome our guests as best as possible. And we are open to your ideas, if there is any other way you'd like to contribute!

Get Involved

We need your help!

Volunteer with us!

We are looking for work teams or individuals who would like to come and help us prepare rooms and units for our guests. No background needed - just motivation. We will provide the rest! Contact us for more info:

Help us financially

We are welcoming all of our guests free of charge, and are providing them with the food and supplies that they need. We also want to expand our welcoming capacity, not just for our current guests but for those to come. All of this requires funds! That is why we need your help. If you feel moved to contribute, you'll find the different ways to donate below.

Spread the word!

We are never as strong as when we pool our resources together. Let others know about how they can support a local and impactful project in aid of Ukrainian families!

There are 2 main ways to give depending on your currency preference.


Click here to donate through our "Leetchi" fundraiser page!


The best way to give is through our YWAM account (by check). There are three important steps to follow:

1) Print and fill out the following slip of paper:

2) Please read this step carefully!

Mail a check to the order of "Youth With a Mission" to this address:

Youth With a Mission
P.O. Box 3000
Garden Valley, TX 75771-3000


Make sure to include the slip from step 1) with the check so that the donation will go to this specific project (otherwise it will be donated to the Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Tyler general fund
). Our account name should only be mentioned on the separate slip and not on the check itself.

3) Notify us of your donation by email:

If you prefer to donate in dollars online: please contact







(These numbers are updated as we receive new donations)

*The total goal has been updated due to the raise in the price of construction materials.

*The total can be reduced if we receive volunteer work teams!

*the 35,000 invested represent a personal investment from Don and Bea's retirement fund. Your donations will first go towards the remaining balance for construction payments, and secondly towards helping them share the cost out of their retirement fund.